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Anonymous   Italy
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Anonymous   Germany
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Anonymous   United States
White Negroes & the 8% Exit: Disappearance of the Caucasian Race

Self-Preservation is the first Law of Nature.

The New Caucasian Race

(Read for yourself)

The Federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Directive 15, designates racial and ethnic categories used in the US Census and in other innumerable public and private research projects. According to a statement released by the American Anthropological Association (AAA), the US Government should phase out use of the term "race" in the collection of Federal data because the concept has no scientific justification in human biology.

According to the AAA, “race” is no longer a relevant term… Like any other Black American I am obsessed with skin color. Americans have been distinguished by color, classified by color, and separated by color piloting a national Color Assault Psychosis in the subconscious of mostly Black Americans. Presently, there is a phenomenal remodeling by Euro-American Anthropologists to genetically bombard Negroid DNA. Black and Brown people are being formulated as members of the Caucasian Race. The new term to use is "ethnic group." That way the "former colored" people of the world are now "White" but live as "ethnic groups."

Have you ever heard of a person whose race is Puerto Rican or Cuban? That is their country of national origin--not their race. Over 80% of Cubans are Black/Negro (have Negro DNA)--but are classified as White or Hispanic in the US. This appropriates another bona fide superiority fallacy. Black people in the US who want to be classified as multiracial can hardly wait to jump ABOARD the Caucasian Bandwagon. Disappearance of the White recessive gene is a reality unless scientists can scurry to reclassify and catalogue the dominant Black gene pool and expand recessive White Race numbers. If you want to find out more about DNA studies take note.

Note: When I write about the 8 percenters, it refers to the disappearance of the European (Scandinavian/Nordic) White Race. You can do a quick examination for yourself. Go to the Population Reference Bureau Website for 2001 and add the figures together. If you take the numbers given for Europe and North America and divide them by the numbers given for Africa, Asia, South America and Oceania you can calculate the percentages. At the present time Whites amount to about 20 percent. By 2050 the percentages will be between 5 - 8%. It is estimated that by 2050 Europe's population will decline not increase. All of the following countries show a minus (-) not a plus (+): Italy, Portugal, Greece, Croatia, Ukraine, Russia, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Germany and Belgium. Biological Homogeneity is presenting a quandary for anthropologists who Doubletalk—re-establishing race.

Are Germans an endangered species?

By Erik Kirschbaum, Jan 23, 2006

The number of Germans has declined by 3.2 million -- the population of Berlin -- over the last 30 years but demographers’ concerns has mostly been ignored until now. German leaders have now lifted the birth rate to the top of the political agenda for the first time since the Nazi era, and the two ruling parties are trying to outdo each other with pro-family measures. Germans are at risk of dying out if the trend continues, the German population will shrink from 75 million to 50 million by 2050 and further after that.

The birth rates have been below the replacement rate for 35 years -- a lethal development. Children not born 30 years ago obviously aren't there to have children now. Germans have long had one of the lowest birth rates in the European Union at 1.3 children per woman -- far below the "replacement rate" of 2.1 needed to keep the population stable and about half the rate of 40 years ago.

More than 30 percent of east and West Germans born from 1960 to 1967 are childless. Among Germans with higher education, the childless rate is even higher at 38 percent. Each generation is being reduced by a third.

Russia's population is: 125,000,000 and has the largest loss of people; more so, than any other European country and is in a current demographic crisis.

Russia loses 950,000 people a year. Russia will exist as a massive Tundra of land in 125 years minus a people population. Maybe the Orca Whales will flourish once again unless they too will be extinct.

Anthropologists have written books that dispute the once traditional concept of 3 or 4 distinct races of mankind. As a biological concept physical anthropologists no longer use the term “race.” If a person is brown or black but has straight “European” looking hair, they are Caucasians, but if people have light skin and wavy or tightly curled hair, they are still Caucasians. I doubled over with laughter at the ridiculous absurd theories and am sure some black/brown groups wholeheartedly grasp the concepts so that they can remain White. Look at the obscure concepts physical anthropologists present so that they can reclassify blacks and browns as Caucasian.

People who have parents from two different races cannot be fairly classified in only one race.

People in the United States who are African-American are placed in a subordinated hypothetical race.

A person might display features that point to African Ancestry, thus labeling the person Black regardless of whether or not such a race exists in nature.

Ethnic identities are folk taxonomies--whether race or religion; they are not scientific; they are cultural classifications that arise from experience of people in groups.

Observable physical features--skin color, nasal width, and hair texture are irrelevant in determining race.

Different physical characteristics in humans correspond to where their ancestors come from but does not define race.

Population Decline in Europe

Many European populations are experiencing more deaths than births annually, a phenomenon that is not occurring in any other global regions. Ukraine and Russia have the largest gaps between birth rates and death rates. The population of Ukraine is losing about 340,000 people each year from having more deaths than births and the population of Russia is losing 950,000 people. In the absence of offsetting international migration, the population of these countries will decline in size. In addition to very low birth rates, a chief cause for surplus European deaths is the relatively high proportion of the region's population in the older ages where death rates are higher. Fifteen percent of Europe's population is age 65 or older, compared with 7 percent for the world.

World's Largest Countries in 2001 (United Nations Population Bureau)

Population (millions)



United States













World's Largest Countries in 2025 (United Nations Population Bureau)

Population (millions)



United States











Congo, Democratic Republic of (Zaire)

POPULATION: UN Warns of Falling Population in Europe
By Mithre J. Sandrasagra

UNITED NATIONS (IPS) - The UN has warned that projected declines in European, American, and Japanese populations over the next half century may force some of these industrialized nations to actively seek migrants to replace their deteriorating numbers.

Titled "Replacement Migration: Is it a Solution to Declining and Aging Populations?" Italy, Bulgaria and Estonia will lose between one quarter and one third of their populations. "Population aging will be pervasive, bringing the median age of population to historically unprecedented high levels," the report asserts.

In Italy, for instance, the median age will rise from 41 years in 2000 to 53 years in 2050. The potential support ratio - namely, the number of persons of working age (15 to 64 years) per older person - will be halved, from four or five to two. In Italy as in Spain there was an invasion of the Moors, and the following exists:

"As an approach to investigating the origin of sickle cell hemoglobin (hemoglobin S) in white persons of Sicilian ancestry, two groups of native Sicilians were tested for blood group evidence of African admixture. Among 100 unrelated Sicilians, the phenotypes cDe(Rho) and Fy(a-b-), and the antigens V(hrv) and Jsa, which are considered to be African genetic markers, were detected in 12 individuals. Among 64 individuals from 21 families with at least one known hemoglobin S carrier, African blood group markers were detected in 7 (11%). These findings indicate that hemoglobin S is only one of multiple African genes present in contemporary Sicilian populations. The occurrence of hemoglobin S in white persons of Sicilian ancestry is considered to be a manifestation of the continuing dissemination of the original African mutation." (Taken from the Race Archives).

The study, released by the UN's Population Division, also focuses on eight low fertility countries - France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Russia, UK and the United States - and two regions (Europe and the 15-member European Union). Declining and ageing populations will require a comprehensive reassessment of many established policies and programmers, according to the study.

A combination of declining birth rates and increasing longevity around the world is resulting in a boom for the over-60 population. By 2050, the UN estimates that the number of older persons will triple to approximately two billion, or 22 percent of the world's population of six billion. Complementing the issue of ageing populations is the fact that fertility rates are declining rapidly.

According to figures released by the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) fertility rates in the developed world have declined from 2.8 children per woman to 1.6 children per woman since 1950, and in the developing world from 6.2 to 3 in the same period.

Declining birth rates and ageing populations will force western and industrialized nations, who have traditionally attempted to limit immigration from developing nations, to relax these immigration restrictions. The report emphasizes that it is unlikely that replacement migration alone will be able to maintain support ratios at current levels, due to the extraordinarily large numbers of migrants that would be required.

Germany and Italy need, relative to their population sizes, the largest number of migrants to maintain the size of their working-age populations. Germany would require 500,000 migrants per year and Italy 350,000 per year, according to Population Division estimates.

The status and integration of recent migrant workers and their descendants - who are often subjected to dangerous working conditions, low pay, and few or no employment benefits - will become an increasingly compelling issue as their ranks continue to swell. The report estimates that post-1995 migrants and their descendants will be between 26 and 39 percent of the population in 2050.

International migration must move near the top of the policy agenda, as the numbers of migrants increase and the issues they raise become more and more pertinent. According to the report, the number of migrants needed to offset population decline in the United States is less than recent past immigration experience - implying that the United States can maintain its present potential support ratio without significant policy change with regard to immigration.

The UN report stresses that; "some immigration is needed to prevent population decline in all the countries and regions examined." There are three other options besides replacement migration that may remedy the problems associated with declining and ageing populations.

The first is a fiscal solution, which involves raising taxes "20 - 40 percent over current levels" to supplement social security. Second, the government could encourage citizens to have more children, as has been done in Sweden, in an attempt to keep the labor force stable. Finally, the government could require that people work longer hours, for more years, while individually saving for retirement.

On the other hand forensic anthropologists can classify accurately (80%+) to which race a person belongs. If races do not exist, why are forensic anthropologists so good at identifying cranial shape, nose shape, dental projection, etc. and then placing that person in a racial category?

Forensic anthropologists attain a high degree of accuracy in determining geographic racial affinities (white, black, American Indian, etc.) by utilizing both new and traditional methods of bone analysis. Numerous individual methods involving midfacial measurements, femur traits, and so on are over 80 percent accurate alone, and in combination produce very high levels of accuracy. No forensic anthropologist would make a racial assessment based upon just one of these methods, but in combination they can make very reliable assessments, just as in determining sex or age.

Forensic anthropologists identify skeletons to racial origins but physical anthropologists do not believe in race. The “reality of race” therefore depends more on the definition of reality than on the definition of race. If we choose to accept the system of racial taxonomy that physical anthropologists have traditionally established—major races: black, white, etc.—then one can classify human skeletons within it just as well as one can living humans. The bony traits of the nose, mouth, femur, and cranium are just as revealing to a good osteologist as skin color, hair form, nose form, and lips to the perceptive observer of living humanity. Forensic anthropologists know that the skeleton reflects race, whether “real” or not, just as well if not better than superficial soft tissue does. The idea that race is “only skin deep” is simply not true, as any experienced forensic anthropologist will affirm.

I Am a Racially Profiling Doctor – By: SALLY SATEL

In practicing medicine, I am not colorblind. I always take note of my patient’s race. So do many of my colleagues. We do it because certain diseases and treatment responses cluster by ethnicity. Recognizing these patterns can help us diagnose disease more efficiently and prescribe medications more effectively. When it comes to practicing medicine, stereotyping often works.

An essay titled “Racial Profiling in Medical Research” accompanied these clinically important studies, however. Robert S. Schwartz, a deputy editor at the journal, wrote that prescribing medication by taking race into account was a form of “race-based medicine” that was both morally and scientifically wrong. “Race is not only imprecise but also of no proven value in treating an individual patient.”

When the preliminary sequence of the human genome was announced in June 2000, many felt the verdict was conclusive. Race, it was said, was an arbitrary, nefarious biological fiction. Scholars heralded the finding of the Human Genome Project that 99.9 percent of the human genetic complement is the same in everyone, regardless of race, as proof that race is biologically meaningless. Some prominent scientists said the same. J. Craig Venter, the geneticist whose company played a key role in mapping the human genome, proclaimed, “There is no basis in the genetic code for race.”

Not surprisingly, many human genetic variations tend to cluster by racial groups—that is, by people whose ancestors came from a particular geographic region. Skin color itself is not what is at issue—it’s the evolutionary history indicated by skin color. In Africa, for example, the genetic variant for sickle cell anemia cropped up at some point in the gene pool and was passed on to descendants; as a result, the disease is more common among blacks than whites. Similarly, Caucasians are far more likely to carry the gene mutations that cause multiple sclerosis and cystic fibrosis.

Skin color and other physical features can be a diagnostic surrogate for the genetic differences that influence disease and response to treatment. “Physical appearance, including skin color, is now the only way to distinguish populations for study,” he says. “You’d have to use a blindfold to keep a physician from paying attention to obvious differences that may and should influence diagnosis and treatment!” Drugs can stay in the body longer when their metabolism in the liver is slower. We know this can vary by race, and doctors should keep it in mind.

The public is wrong. As rough a biological classification as race may be, doctors must not be blind to its clinical implications. So much of medicine is a guessing game—and race sometimes provides an invaluable clue. As citizens, we can celebrate our genetic similarity as evidence of our spiritual kinship. As doctors and patients, though, we must realize that it is not in patients’ best interests to deny the reality of differences.

Whites have become victims of their own propaganda. They profess: “We will amount to 50% of the US population by the year 2050 because of illegal immigrants from Mexico”—not realizing that Hispanics have already been classified as White by the AAA and OMB. US Whites feel they are a majority of superiority but in essence have become a minority of stupidity.

The most recent DNA research validates what authors like Cheikh Diop, J. A. Rogers, Ivan Van Sertima, and Frances Cress Welsing confirmed 50 years ago—The Black Origin of Civilization. In the 1950’s and 1960’s Diop used documentary and physical evidence to prove an African Origin of Civilization. He proved that Biblical Texts were Egyptian Moral Texts—Oh, the author forgot, Egyptians are White. He used linguistics, skulls, mummies, masks, and hieroglyphics to prove an African Origin. M. Stewart is here to confirm a "Disappearance of the Caucasian Race"--unless we psychologically fall into the files or "Caucasian reclassification." Remember, on the continent of Africa, if you have 1% Caucasian blood--you're Caucasian.

The French Army led by Napoleon Bonaparte in the 18th Century destroyed as much of the physical proof as his army could marshal at the Battle of the Pyramids. Whites found fault with the physical evidence presented by Diop in the 1970’s. Let’s see what they do with the modern evidence of DNA research. According to the Associated Press, scientists from the University of Padua in Italy examined hereditary material in cells found that modern humans followed a migration wave from Africa to Asia more than 50,000 years ago after an earlier exodus to the Mediterranean and Greece. Blood samples of people from east Africa and India showed close genetic similarities indicating a common African ancestor. The Italian study was reported in the December 1998 issue of the Journal Nature Genetics.

The researchers examined Mitochondria DNA, units outside of the cell's nucleus that act as a cell's energy source. The mother passes it from generation to generation, which lets scientists trace ancestry between geographically distant human populations. In the Italian study, researchers reported that closely related genetic sequences were found in high frequency blood samples from people in Ethiopia, the Arabian Peninsula and India. The first, and older, human migration route out of Africa is believed to have extended northward around the eastern Mediterranean and Greece more than 100,000 years ago. Tool-making human ancestors are believed to have left Africa and spread to Asia and Europe.

Because of Euro-American propaganda, Whites feel they are a majority worldwide. The US Government has classified Hispanics as Caucasian, even though there were ¾’s more African slaves taken to the Caribbean and South America than to the United States. The Hispanic population was not officially counted in the USA until 1980. Ninety percent (90%) checked the box "White" in the last US Census. The US has classified people from the Middle East and Northern Africa—including Ethiopians as Caucasian. The US has classified American Indians as Caucasian. The US has classified Jews as Caucasian. The US has classified Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Asian Indians as Caucasian. The US has classified Polynesians, Hawaiians and Aborigines as Caucasian. There are psychological White slip-ups globally by Caucasian anthropologists and other Whites, or it amounts to a continual survival measure to avoid being eradicated!!!---or reclassified!!!

Egyptian fighting to alter racial designation--Mostafa Hefny (Photo: CNN July 16, 1997) sued the Federal government in March 1997 through US District Court in Detroit, Michigan, to have his racial classification changed from White to Black. He is specifically taking aim at the Federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB), which sets racial categories for federal record keeping. In 1977, the OMB implemented Directive No. 15, which defines immigrants from North Africa as White, while immigrants from other parts of the continent have been classified as Black. Hefny looks like any other Black American (Black/brown skin-frizzy/curly hair) and cannot understand the concept of being classified as White since he has been Black his entire life. He blames the US government for using the concept “White” as an honor badge for North Africans. Following is a letter Mr. Hefny received to change his racial classification to "white," or face repercussions.

October 2, 1987
Mostafa Hefny
5130 Neckel
Dearborn, MI 48126

Dear Mr. Hefny:

Be advised that the Michigan Department of Education collects racial and ethnic data as prescribed in Directive No. 15, "Race and Ethnic Standards for Federal Statistics and Administrative Reporting." This directive provides standard classification for record keeping, collection, and presentations of data on race and ethnicity in Federal program administrative reporting and statistical activities.

According to this Directive a white person is a person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, North Africa or the Middle East. Since you come from Egypt (a North African and Middle Eastern country) you are white, not black.

You are directed to change your classification on the Race/Ethnic Identification Card. Be advised that failure to do so will have serious repercussions for your career, and will constitute insubordination, which may result in suspension and discharge.


Mrs. Teresa D. Myers
Director, Human Resources

A study by the University of Chicago found that Arab populations, including Palestinians, Jordanians, Syrians, Iraqis, and Bedouin sub-Saharan African genes. A possible explanation is the proximity of the Arabian peninsula to the Black African nations. Yemenite Arabs have 35% Black African genes in their mtDNA, while others have less. Arabs who have Arab ancestors stretching beyond the last 1,400 years – are actually 35% Black in their mtDNA. These Arabs are from the Arabian peninsula.

According to several other studies, Palestinians and Jews are genetically closer to each other than either is to the Arabs of Arabia or to Europeans. A study of congenital deafness identified an allele limited to Palestinian and Jews of Ashkenazi origin (those who lived in Europe in recent centuries), suggesting a common origin. Furthermore, Y-chromosome polymorphism is very similar among Palestinians and Sephardic Jews.

The 8% Euro-Americans continue to use psychological and biological assimilation maneuvers towards the dominant to instigate the Mother of all campaigns and combat their very own extinction. They are using a racially cleansing detergent to wash the Negroid out of Negroid—by White for White.

I have written about reclassification of global Negroid stock in previous books. Universally, Caucasians have used the stratagem for centuries to purge the Blackness factor. Racial cleansing procedures have taken place in Africa, Spain, Italy, the Middle East, Australia, South America, the Oceanic Islands and the Caribbean Islands. The same thing has taken place in Mexico. Look at the following Article by Steve Sailer published in May 2002.

Analysis: Mexico’s Missing Blacks

By Steve Sailer - From the Washington Politics & Policy Desk - Published 5/8/2002

The hieroglyphics, linguistics and sculptures are Negroid. The strict laws prohibiting interracial marriage were enforced in the United States—even though it was okay for the Master to bastardize his slaves but the laws were not enforced in Mexico. In Mexico the practice of miscegenation resulted in a rigid caste system based on color based in turn upon the ideology of White racial superiority. Blacks—or those with the darkest complexions—remained at the bottom of the socioeconomic pyramid. Social status, therefore, came to depend upon how “Caucasian” one appeared. Many Blacks were and have been able to effectively disappear into the larger “white” or “near white” societies of Latin America. The practice of color casting, is often thought to have developed from the unique experiences of race mixing in the “New World,” however, the practice of classifying populations by color and mixture was also practiced in Spain and Portugal.

Where did Mexico’s Blacks go?

More than 10 percent of the Mexican population once looked markedly African. Note: That time period is after the Olmecs! The nearly complete absorption of Mexico’s identifiably African people offers an intriguing contrast to the persistence of a rather distinct Black race in the United States. At least 200,000 Black slaves were imported into Mexico from Africa. By 1810, Mexicans considered at least part African members of the population numbered around a half million, or more than 10 percent of the population.

Mexican music, for example, has deep roots in West Africa. “La Bamba,” the famous Mexican folk song that was given a rock beat by Ritchie Valens and a classic interpretation by Los Lobos, has been traced back to the Bamba district of Angola. What’s especially ironic about Mexico’s “racial amnesia”—a term coined by African-American historian Ted Vincent—is that during Mexico’s first century of independence, more than a few of its most famous leaders were visibly part black.

Nevertheless, the official ideology of Mexico has been that the Mexicans are simply a “mestizo” people—a mixture of Spaniards and Indians—officially referred to as “La Raza” or “The Race.” Since 1928, Mexico has celebrated Oct. 12 as “The Day of The Race.” On Oct. 12, 1946, Mexican politician Josť Vasconcelos famously declared Mestizos to be “the cosmic race.”

The Mexican populace’s African “third root” is occasionally honored, but Mexican officials have generally ignored it. University of Minnesota demographer Robert McCaa wrote, “Afro-Mexicans, who numbered one-half million in 1810, more or less vanished, thoroughly intermingled and unidentifiable by 1895 if the official discourse is accepted at face value.”

There are self-consciously Afro-Mexican communities on the Gulf of Mexico near Vera Cruz, where the slave ships docked. There are heavily black villages on the Costa Chica on the Pacific, although the residents tend to see themselves as simply Mexicans with dark skins. One confusing factor is that Mexico also imported slaves from across the Pacific, including some African-looking New Guineans and also Negritos from the Philippines.

So, what happened to the Afro-Mexicans who made up one tenth of the population in 1810?

Inter-marriage continued steadily until African genes had widely diffused into the population. Yet, there is a definite sense in which societies construct their own genetic makeup. America’s color line and “one drop” rule have kept the genes of black Africans relatively isolated. In contrast, Mexico’s color continuum and openness to interracial marriage have spread them so widely that there is few conspicuously black Mexicans left.

In another study from the Science News in October 30, 1998, FOX News in May 1999 and on CNN News in June 2000, the following report appeared: “DNA Analysis Supports the Biblical Story of the Jewish Priesthood.” Genetic tests on the Lemba people of southern Africa show evidence the Bantu-speaking tribe carries a DNA sequence that is distinctive to the Cohanim, a hereditary set of Jewish priests. The priests are the descendants of Aaron, the elder brother of Moses. The Y chromosome remains more or less unchanged from generation to generation, making it a useful tool in discovering heritage. Professor David B. Goldstein from Oxford University in England found that the genetic material of the Y chromosome is very rare in non-Jewish populations. Goldstein’s research show that the proportion of Lemba men carrying the genetic signature of the priests was similar to those found among the major Jewish populations. Gary Greenberg, Gerald Massey and Thomas Thompson have also done similar studies with archaeological records.

The Euro-American community is no longer homogeneously White. Society as we know it should be titled White Mythology. Scientists find themselves in a quandary and must be weary after c-r-e-a-t-i-n-g daily visionaries of Whites by Whites for media display. The United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia are still predominantly White—a legacy from their squatters. Those parts of the globe provide a nostalgic longing by Whites for a White homogeneous global world—for Whites by Whites.

Keep that in mind, and you will know why scientists and anthropologists feel the urgent need to create a White global identity within the heterogeneous Black and Brown—planet Earth. Euro-American physical anthropologists are reclassifying, racially cleansing and then recapturing Caucasian through artificial means. Imagined is artificial—Don’t be brainwashed.

The Federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB), which sets racial categories for Federal record keeping, implemented Directive No. 15, has defined the whiteness factor in the US. I have written about reclassification of global Negroid stock in previous books. Universally, Caucasians have used the stratagem for centuries to purge “The Blackness Factor.” Astonishment is the word to ponder after coming face-to-face with coal black Singhalese and Dravidians from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka only to find out that they have been classified as "ethnic groups" equaling Caucasian people?

Racial cleansing has taken place in Africa, Spain, Italy, the Middle East, Australia, South America, the Oceanic Islands and the Caribbean Islands. According to the Population Reference Bureau in Nigeria childbirth rates equal 6.3 per female. The rate is 4.5 times higher than the combined European nations of Russia, Denmark, Germany, Hungry and Austria. Caucasian females worldwide have childbirth rates of less than two percent (2%) per female. In 1990 the average childbirth rate for women in Haiti was 7.0 per female.

Here is something interesting that physical anthropologists profess: The frequency of Hbs genes in a geographic area is a continuous variation, and those who carry the Hb Gene resist malaria; therefore, Africans, Greeks, Spaniards, and Middle Easterners would be the SAME RACE.

We are in a struggle against the recessive White gene pool before it is altered. Read materials written by Cheikh Anta Diop, J A Rogers, Ivan Van Sertima and Chancellor Williams to find about the fallacy of Caucasian History. Physical anthropologists are busy reclassifying global Black/Brown Races to make them Caucasian. Steadfast is the key. Lookout!!!--Or one day we might all wake up to be White Negroes!!!

(If a lie is repeated enough, people will believe it, especially a big lie.)

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